About the Founder

(in his own words)

Shortly after moving to Greenville in late 2015 from Hoboken, NJ, I knew I had to a create a guide to Greenville. Something that was creative, but that also exclusively provided a first-hand perspective of everything Greenville. Less than 30 days later of living here, Greenville360 was created!

Since creating 360, we’ve specialized in advertorial style advertising, editorial features, provided social media management and photography services and a whole lot more! Leading up to Greenville360, I developed a diverse background in publishing for a lifestyle magazine called The Digest, public relations with the New York Knicks, marketing with the New York Mets and community relations with the New York Islanders. When I’m not experiencing Greenville or creating new content for local businesses, I enjoy rooting for the New York Mets, debating new movies and eating pizza.

You can reach me at (864) 735-8461 or of course email me at david@greenville360.com.

Photo credit to Jack Robert Photography


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